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Root Cellar 101

As the design stages of the root cellar progress, I took the time to do some research and consult some do-it-yourselfers along the way. If you are serious about constructing a root cellar, check out the book Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables. It is one of the few comprehensive books on … Continue reading

Integrated Site Plan!

I think it’s going to take awhile to move this home to a state of permaculture, and I’m alright with that. The owners and those of us who are dedicated to helping them will be putting ‘small and slow solutions’ in place for years to come, moving towards a state of self-sustainability, and that seems … Continue reading

Integrated Design

In putting together an accurate site map, the best reference of all is to observe and experience the site firsthand. -Watching the water hit the earth and move across it will help in determining where to plant specific crop species. Observing the water’s flow while it is raining will reveal the contours of the land; … Continue reading

Project Development