Current Projects

Integrated Site Plan for Alison and Walter:

See the recent blog post 'Integrated Site Plan!' for a brief rundown of the plan.

June 2012

On-Site Food Production and Storage

  • This coming June, there will be an effort to plant 10 fruit trees, start a beehive, and construct a root cellar for the Goings family in Pine Ridge. (See the Donate section for a breakdown of the budget and expenses.)
  • Root cellars are a simple and ancient technology that can be easily practiced by all. By harnessing the earth’s cooling and insulative features, vegetables and fruits can be stored for months. Root cellars aid in developing food security and obtaining a healthy, seasonal diet.
  • This will be an opportunity to show members of the community the nuts and bolts of root cellar construction which will offer a means to offset food and utility costs, serving as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for this community.


4 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. wow, Ryan.. I love the ideas here. I have some suggestions about placement of elements, as I remember the site a bit differently, overall its very accurate for being off site!

    Posted by grahambrobertson | April 4, 2012, 2:01 am
  2. I gave you A Pattern Language, right? Check out pattern 163. “Outdoor Room.” This is what I was envisioning in the front under the grape arbor on the terrace. I like your idea of planting roses around the house. I think bushes could double as “edible walls” for an outdoor room if they are planted at least 6 feet from the walls, check pattern 163. “6 foot balcony” (or in this case, terrace). I will be sending you an updated version of the existing and planned terrace retaining walls so you can design landscaping around the social space. Plus I dug a swale about 50 feet along the back fence behind the roundhouse. I think a swale along the entire back fence would help slow the channeled rainwater from backing up against the north side of the house, and also feed the windbreak trees. It’s also very low work for much gain. Thanks again to you and Judi for keeping the project going, I hope I can get there this summer. You might get in touch with some of the folks who posted on TNB’s facebook who were interested in coing to help this summer, if you need more help. I guess it’s a question of how do we structure the project in terms of meeting food and living expense needs for volunteers?

    Posted by grahambrobertson | April 20, 2012, 4:27 am
  3. I know Alison and Walter are planning to have a car in the future, so having an unobtrusive place to park the car near the house, while still being convenient, is worth considering. Plus we need to think about creating paths for the car from the road.. I know Walter wants to put in a new gate and path directly off the highway to the house.

    Posted by grahambrobertson | April 20, 2012, 4:35 am

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