The Oglala Lakota Nation has been dealt a difficult hand of cards since its contact with European settlers. However, their strength and resiliency has proven that they can and will endure through the times of most extreme poverty; they are a true warrior nation.

The residents of Pine Ridge have hopes and dreams like all of us and deserve to thrive on their land with their people. I hope that our work inspires and motivates the community to create a better reality for itself; We choose not to step in as an outsider to tell them what’s best for their needs. We come with an offering of simple skills that can improve health and create self-sufficiency.

First and foremost, our work operates within the vision of Alison Goings and Walter Yellowhair. Secondly, it supplements the goal of Texas Natural Builders: to introduce an alternative building method that has the power to lead to self-sufficiency and a higher standard of living on the reservation.

We serve Alison Goings, Walter Yellowhair and their family. We wish not to be affiliated with Texas Natural Builders or Earth Tipi; we are friends helping to usher the family’s dreams into reality.

By focusing on finishing the house, on-site food production, and food security, our efforts will promote self-sufficiency, provide access to homegrown food year-round, and provide economic opportunities.



One thought on “Mission

  1. I could not resonate more with this mission. Thanks for writing this up and for persevering with Walter and Alison. I really hope they will welcome me back to help with plaster and flooring.

    Posted by grahambrobertson | April 4, 2012, 1:55 am

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